Saturday, July 30, 2016


Pre sale: $15 / Members: $10 

At door: $20 / Members: $15 

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Lucha Libre Mexicana Entertainment returns for a night of 5 action packed Lucha Libre matches with high soaring kicks and flips guaranteed to make the crowd go wild! Viva La Lucha includes a Lucha Libre marketplace, food trucks, cash bar, face painting, and an opportunity to take your picture with a Luchador! 

First match begins at 7pm! 

All ages are welcomed. Limited seating is available on a first come, first served basis. 

Don't forget your Lucha mask! 

ATT_1436478861165_Logo LLME

Event Schedule 

6:00-10:00pm  Doors open- Lucha Libre Marketplace, food & drinks, photobooth, Side Lot & Balboa Events Center

6:00-6:55pm  Film Screening of Tales of Masked Men by Carlos Avila, Screening Room- limited seating

6:007:10pm  Art Workshop, Balboa Events Center

6:00-8:10pm  Face Painting, Balboa Events Center

6:00-8:30pm  Galleries open, Galleries 

6:10-6:40pm  Performance by Aqquarela, Sculpture Garden 

7:00-7:20pm  First Match 

7:35-7:55pm  Second Match 

8:10-8:30pm  Third Match 

8:45-9:05pm  Fourth Match 

9:20-9:40pm  Fifth Match 


 Tales of Masked Men 

A Film by Carlos Avila 

Tales of Masked Men is a documentary exhibiting the colorful, fascinating and mysterious world of lucha libre- Mexican wrestling. Shot in Mexico and the U.S and filled with passion and excitement that defines its subject, the film explores the history of lucha libre and what has made this eighty- year- old phenomenon endure. 

Described by cultural anthropologist Heather Levi as "a sport in the key of melodrama," lucha libre springs from the same root as American professional wrestling, but has taken on the unique characteristics of Mexico and the country's long-standing fascination with masks. Masks conceal faces but not feelings, allowing luchadors to transform themselves into either the character of a rudo, the rule breaking villain, or a técnico, the fair and square, technically proficient hero. Practiced in large and small arenas throughout Mexico and the U.S as well as other countries, this "working class" sport is truly interactive, with multigenerational fans passionately involved in the high drama of the ring.


aqquarela 6.17.16 Aqquarela 

A band from Los Angeles formed in 2007 focusing on writing Spanish Rock.  

click here for a taste of their sound! 


Dos Chinos 


With a stable location in downtown Santa Ana, Dos Chinos started off as a food truck serving a fusion of Latin and Asian cuisine.  Native to Southern California and raised on Asian and Latin food; every dish is built on years of carne asada and Vietnamese pho. Chef Hop Phan serves dishes such as Chorizo Fried Rice or ThaiChata (Thai Tea Horchata). 




Artesana Pop ice cream

Artesana means artisan in Spanish. Artesana follows the tradition artisanal style Mexican paletas- but with a contemporary twist. Their ice pops from scratch have fresh seasonal fruit at the peak of ripeness.  All products are made with only natural ingredients. They've perfected traditional flavors and created new ones by mixing and incorporating flavors from around the world. 




East Los Musubi 

tumblr_nq0w11ZMRz1u251xfo1_1280East Los Musubi was created by 
Adam Martinez and Benjie Escobar who partnered to develop new flavors of the traditional Hawaiian snack, and convert new mouths to the church of spam & rice. They even feature a Chorizo and Egg over a bed of rice wrapped in seaweed!