The Sculpture and Event Garden presents an extraordinary exhibition of sculpture from MOLAA’s permanent collection, internationally recognized as the most important collection of contemporary Latin American sculpture in the nation.

In 2006, the Robert Gumbiner Sculpture Garden & Event Center was inaugurated as a venue to host public and private events and for the display of outdoor sculpture represented in the MOLAA Permanent Collection.

Initiated by the Robert Gumbiner Foundation Collection, the MOLAA Permanent Collection has actively pursued the addition of outdoor sculpture to the collection. The collection has grown due to the generous donations from artists and collectors, as well as by long-term loans. The sculpture garden now presents a permanent display of over 30 abstract and figurative sculptures representing almost one artist per Latin American country.

A wide range of styles and themes in various media of bronze, wood, metal, stainless-steel and polychrome metal reflect the grand diversity of sculptural forms produced by the Latin American artist. Abstract works of note are the bronze sculpture by Peruvian artist Fernando de Szyszlo, the stainless steel sculpture by Mexican artist Leonardo Nierman and the polychrome metal sculpture by Argentinean artist Perez Celis. Figurative works of note are the bronze sculptures by Guatemalan artist Max Leiva, Panamanean artist Guillermo Trujillo and Cuban artist Carlos Luna.

At the time of establishing the sculpture garden, many artists and collectors enthusiastically responded to assisting MOLAA in enhancing the collection with outdoor sculpture. Several artists produced new works of art created especially for MOLAA. These artists either donated the work or placed it on long-term loan with the expectation of acquisition for the collection. MOLAA has established a Sculpture Garden Endowment Program to ask members and supporters for assistance in acquiring these works for the collection and to maintain their care and preservation. MOLAA seeks and encourages your support to acquire these sculptures for permanent display such as the new works titled, Time Traveler by Uruguayan artist, Cecilia Miguez and Objects of the World by Argentinean artist, Gustavo López de Armentía, among others. Please contact the Development Department for a complete listing of works included in the Sculpture Garden Endowment Program.

From time to time we have events in the Sculpture Garden. Please call the museum before you visit to confirm the Garden hours, 562-437-1689.