On View:
April 10, 2016 - May 29, 2016
Gallery D
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In support of MOLAA’s 20th anniversary, the Port to Learning Gallery at the Museum of Latin American Art presents Artful Healing, an exhibition that explores the restorative power of art. Artful Healing displays how art has the ability to “heal the body and elevate the soul,” a belief central to the philosophy of MOLAA’s founder Dr. Robert Gumbiner. Curated by five local high school students, Artful Healing presents objects from MOLAA’s Permanent Collection alongside works by Long Beach artists of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.


Crispin Jay Salapare III, Valerie Duarte, Stephanie Hernández, Keila Rivera, Sebastian Castle.

Artful Healing is curated by Sebastian Castle, Valerie Duarte, Stephanie Hernández, Keila Rivera, and Crispin Jay Salapare III and was organized by Nalini Elias, MOLAA’s Education Programs Coordinator with the support of Gabriela Martínez, MOLAA’s Curator of Education.

The curators have categorized the selected works within the themes of Understanding, Process, Connections and Growth. The sculptures, photographs, drawings, paintings, and installation works included in the exhibition not only depict physical, spiritual, and emotional challenges but also show how artists work through problems by making art. Through the pieces in the exhibit, visitors will identify the common threads that bind us together, blurring the lines between the individual, shared, and collective experiences that make us human


Annie Chang

Christine Lee Smith

Aunica Cesena

Andreana Santos-How

Cristina Mariotta

David A. Greene Sr.

Dennis Lauterwasser

Eduardo Kingman

Elise Bernal

Giselle Ruiz

James Thorp

Jorge H. Lopez

Judith Kepes

Karen Emmett

Michael Chez 

Paulina Lily LaBare

Romina Del Castillo

Ronald Morán

Sara Modiano

Shamir Alvarez

Sarah Norton

Silvya E. Luna Manquero

Suzanne Doake

Tidawhitney Lek


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The Port to Learning is a new gallery space committed to expanding visitors’ understanding of topics central to MOLAA’s mission through interactive educational programming. Coordinated by Gabriela Martínez, Curator of Education at MOLAA, and Nalini Elias, MOLAA’s Education Programs Coordinator, the gallery will present a series of exhibitions and events, organized with members of the community, that provide local artists and emerging curators—of all ages—the opportunity to explore museum careers through hands-on experiences.

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