Sculpture Garden 


En La Noche our popular music series that showcase the latest sounds from the Los Angeles Latin music scene is moving to the summer! The music program presents a wide range of Latin American musical genres from cumbia to bolero. En La Noche offers a casual, festival-like atmosphere with vendors cash bar, food trucks, photobooth and access to our galleries to view our current exhibitions. Each concert offers two diverse performance of musical talent which cannot be missed! 

Doors open: 7:00pm 

First Set: 7:30-8:30pm

Second Set: 9:00-10:00pm

Doors close: 10:05pm 

Pre-sale Ticket Prices: Members $15/ Non-Members $20 

At the Door: Members $20/ Non-Members $25

Saturday, June 11

Bolero Meets Son Jarocho 

Featuring Tres Souls and Los Cambalache 

Tres Souls Three Souls_DSC_0967-picsay-580


Tres Souls a band from Los Angeles perform boleros of Mexico and Latin America. Bolero, a genre of slow paced Latin music where emotions are released through song was founded in Cuba. In 1883 the first bolero, Tristezas, was written by a Cuban trovador, Pepe Sanchez. Soon after it arrived in Mexico, artist like Agustin Lara, Guty Cardenas and Los Panchos, were early pioneers that interpreted the genre of bolero music. Now in the present bolero has European, African and cuban influences. 

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Los Cambalache 



Los Cambalache, meaning "exchange", is a Chicano- Jarocho band based in East Los Angeles. Founded in 2007 by and lead by Cesar Castro, Master Luthier Sonero and Jarocho de Veracruz. Los Cambalache promoted traditional Son Jarocho music through concerts, presentations and workshops. With the spirit of Fandango, a tradition celebrated based on music and dance, Los Cambalache invited the public to participate with them in their performances. They were featured on the popular NPR show "All Things Considered". 

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Saturday, July 23 

Reggae meets Cumbia 

Featuring Pachamama Estela and Zapoteca Roots 

Pachamama Estela 


Pachamama Estela, meaning "Earth Mother", has its roots in the Los Angeles independent music circuit. Their sound is a fusion of world Roots Reggae influenced by Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Sugar Minott, Bad Brains and others. They have performed at top live entertainment venues as the House of Blues, The Roxy and The Conga Room to name a few and have been featured at festivals such as LASS International Ska Reggae Festival, The Sun God Festival and others. 

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Zapoteca Roots 


Los Angeles based band that has spent that last 9 years performing throughout Southern California. Zapoteca Roots has stayed true to their roots by combining reggae with Colombian, Peruvian and Villera Cumbia. Their lyrics transmit and reflect the messages and images of the vibrant Los Angeles street life. Zapoteca Roots can be heard at the most popular cumbia dance halls, since their unique music has become a Sonider's (or DJ's) favorite through Mexico, the U.S and beyond. Powered by a vintage accordion sound, funky keyboard melodies, a thumping bass, and a rhythm section that energizes their live shows, audience cannot get enough of their infectious beats. 

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 Saturday, August 20

Nueva Tropicália meets Samba 

Featuring El Haru-Kuroi and Samba Society 

El Haru-Kuroi 

ehk -107


El Haru-Kuroi, is an East Los Angeles trio rooted in Mexican, South American, Jazz and African melodies and rhythms. El Haru-Kuroi has performed throughout the L.A area, toured through the South West, toward New Orleans, and the East Coast. They have also performed in several community/cultural festivals including First Fridays held at the Natural History Museum, Levitt Pavilion in MacArther Park, Eagle Rock Music Festival and the Mayan Theater, where they opened up for Gogol Bordello. El Haru- Kuroi has release three full-length albums, "Sabung" (2007) and CantaGallo (2012), and "192 192 192" (2016) as well as three music videos. In conjunction with developing music videos and releasing singles, they continue to evolve as people and musicians, bringing a sound of their own: "East Los Angeles Nueva Tropicália". 

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 Samba Society 

Samba Society-580


Samba Society is a collective of musicians from the Brazilian community of Southern California. Under the artistic direction of Beto Gonzalez, Samba Society is primarily dedicated to the partido alto and samba de terreiro popularized by Rio's "Old Guard" of urban samba. The group's repertoire features renditions of vintage sambas reminiscent of classic recordings from the 1970s. 

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