MOLAA Volunteers

MOLAA Volunteers

MOLAA volunteers are remarkable people. They range in age from high school to active seniors representing a diverse range of ethnicities and backgrounds. They bring to the museum a special love of Latin American art and culture, and give to the museum a greater awareness of our universal community.

Among the most popular opportunities for volunteers are:

MOLAA Greeter
Welcome visitors who come to our museum for exhibition openings, curatorial talks, educational festivals and cultural events.

Educational Events
Discover Latin American art by helping with art workshops and festivals on Target Free Sundays.

Museum Events and Public Programs
Be included in the museum events and public programs by helping with registration, ushering, and creating the ambiance for the event with your enthusiasm and charm.

Departmental interns
Delve deeply into the research and development of the museum’s inner operations by working directly within a specific department: Curatorial, Collections, Communications, Education, Graphic Design, Museum Events, and Membership. (Resumes and interviews are required for these positions; contact the Volunteer Manager for more information).

Learn more about the museum by helping staff organize, maintain, and develop their departments.

Become a MOLAA Volunteer

MOLAA volunteers are the magical element that makes special events special. They present a welcoming and friendly face to our MOLAA visitors and encourage them to come again. If you are interested in becoming a MOLAA volunteer, please fill out an application form.

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We will call you for an interview. Or call the Volunteer Manager direct at 562.437.1689 Ext. 119 or e-mail to to schedule an interview.

Volunteer Application

download pdf Volunteer Application (PDF)

Please fax your completed application to: Attention Susan Beckley, Volunteer Coordinator 562.216.4190.