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I am a Chinese first, then an artist. Art is not objective, every time I make arts,
I take a position firs

What is an “identity”, and what advice can you give someone who is discovering their identity?

To me right now, identity is not where you are from; it’s really who you are inside, your influence, and also your destiny.


When has your identity been compromised, and what advice can you give someone whose identity is being challenged?

My identity has never been compromised, but sometimes I am willing to put my identity aside, because there are times when something else is more important.


What actions and/or tools do you use to remind yourself about the value of your unique identity? How can someone be proud of who they are?

I am very proud of who I am when I speak a unique language, when I have a special point of view.


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Image Credit: Shuai Fu (China, b. 1990). A Clown in the Jungle, 2015. Video Still. Courtesy of the Artist