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Tell me a Tall Story

July 15, 2012 – December 2, 2012

Curated by Idurre Alonso

Tell Me a Tall Story offers the public an alternative way of looking at works of art based on the use of the imagination and storytelling, thereby expanding the traditional ways of both interpreting art and constructing stories.

The exhibition presents three interconnected storylines, or plots, created by setting up a dialogue between different artworks from the museum’s Permanent Collection. The three stories share a common theme of mystery or secrecy and have, as a starting point the artwork Untitled, 1996 by Cuban artist Belkis Ayón. Ayón’s work is characterized by her references to the Abakuá cult, an Afro-Cuban men’s secret society. The Abakuá’s founding legend tells the story of a secret revealed to the Efó princess Sikán by a fish. This secret will transport the viewer through the exhibition and the different stories, creating a world of fantasy constructed with traditional and non-traditional artworks.
This exhibition is curated by Idurre Alonso, who has also assumed the role as a writer of fiction for this project.

Artists in the exhibition:
Manuel Ameztoy(Argentina, b. 1973)
Adrián Arguedas (Costa Rica, b. 1968)
Atelier Morales (Cuba, Teresa Ayuso, b. 1960 and Juan Luis Morales, b. 1959)
Jaime Ávila Ferrer (Colombia, b. 1966)
Belkis Ayón (Cuba, 1967-1999)
José Bedia (Cuba, b. 1959)
Rafael Cauduro (Mexico, b. 1950)
Rafael Coronel (Mexico, b. 1932)
Fabiana Cruz (Venezuela, b. 1984)
Gabriel de la Mora (Mexico, b. 1968)
Felipe Ehrenberg (Mexico, b. 1943)
Nereo López Meza (Colombia, b. 1920)
Enrique Grau (Colombia, 1920 - 2004)
Judith Gutiérrez (Ecuador, b. 1934)
Marco Maggi (Uruguay, b. 1957)
Adolfo Maslach (Uruguay, b. 1935)
Leo Matiz (Colombia, 1918-1998)
Leopoldo Méndez (Mexico, 1902 - 1969)
Alejandra Mettler (Argentina, b. 1965)
Marnie Moliere (Puerto Rico, b. 1970)
Camilo Ontiveros (Mexico, b. 1978)
José Clemente Orozco (Mexico, 1883 - 1949)
Rubén Ortiz-Torres (Mexico, b. 1964)
Julio César Peña Peralta (Cuba, b. 1969)
Michel Rives Ruiz (Cuba, b. 1970)
Ofelia Rodríguez (Colombia, b. 1956)
Luis Roldán (Colombia, b. 1955)
Betsabeé Romero (Mexico, b. 1963)
Oscar Suárez (Argentina, b. 1962)
Paloma Todd (Puerto Rico, b. 1968)
Francisco Toledo (Mexico, b. 1940)

Image Credit:
Belkis Ayón (Cuba, b.1967 - d.1999)
Untitled, 1996
Robert Gumbiner Collection